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Information to ponder: 7 Continents of The World – ©

There are 7 seven continents of the world and these continents only cover 1/3 rd area of the our world. Rest of the 2/3rd part of this beautiful planet is covered with water. These continents are arranged according to their area in kilometers respectively. Also the population and number of countries are given. The largest and shortest continents with respect to area and population.

S.No Continents Area Population Countries
1. Asia 44,579,000 sq.kms 3,879,000,333 47
2. Africa 30,065,000 sq. kms 1,032,600,256 57
3. North America 24,256,000 sq. kms 528,720,588 23
4. South America 17,819,000 sq. kms 387,489,196 12
5. Antarctica 14,000,000 sq. kms 0 0
6. Europe 9,938,000 sq. kms 739,165,030 50
7. Australia 7,687,000 sq. kms 31,260,000 3

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